TeleWell 5G modem
LTE cat 16 and 5G 1.2 Gpbs speed Windows 10 USB 3.0, TW-EAV510AC-B router is needed for 5G module updates, 8202G

New TeleWell 5G modem USB 3.0 modem

LTE  CAT 16 and 5G

Dl speed 1400 Mbps ( Max)

Ul speed  200 Mbps (Max)

Suitable for TW-EAV510AC_B router and Linux Ubuntu 20.04 - Mbim mode
( Ubuntu 20.10 has  bug with 5G module support in kernel)

Windows 10  4G+5G modem with USB 3.0, Ubuntu 20.04  MBIM mode , DNA 5G test speeds


Size: without antenna units; width 12cm, length 9 cm, height 2cm

Size : SMA  - antenna connected x 4piece: width 16cm, length 13 cm, height 21cm 

Norm. 570,00 €
490,00 €

Windows 10 driver for  TeleWell 5G USB modeemille

Windows 10 Mobile connection

-remove pin requirement from sim before start using

Linux Ubuntu 20.04  uses mbim mode - change mode to Mbim mode via Windows at command port


Windows 10  , Linux - use uuntu 20.04

5G module update via TW-EAV510AC_B  router