TeleWell TW-LTE CAT 6 adapter, -Speed up to 300/50, -USB 2.0 connection

LTE cat 6 300/50

2 x SMA antenna
SIM-slot (USIM size)

Suitaple: TW-EAV510AC and TW-EAV510AC-B models

Now also WIndows 8/10 support and Ubuntu 20.04 support

99,00 €

LTE USB adapter

Model: LTE CAT 6 adapter
2 x SMA antenna
SIM-slot (USIM size)
USB -caple to connect TeleWell modems USB port

Band support

LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28/B32 
LTE-TDD: B38/B40/B41

2×CA: B1+B1/B5/B8/B20/B28;B3+B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28; B7+B5/B7/B8/B20/B28; B20+B32; B38+B38; B40+B40; B41+B41 (Note: B32 is only for secondary component carrier) WCDMA: B1/B3/B5/B8